900 gallon tank being delivered.jpg

900 gallon aquarium being delivered.

900 gallon tank being placed on stand.jp

The aquarium being placed on the stand.

Adding the rock to 900 gallon tank.jpg

Scroll through the setup photos to the bottom of the page to see the end product in motion.

900 gallon in building.jpg

The aquarium is in the building.

Working on rock structure.jpg

Working on the rock structure for our 900 gallon tank.

Adding the rock structures to the aquarium.

Installing filtration system.jpg

Installing the filtration equipment.

Control system in place.jpg
Final touches to rock.jpg

Finishing touches are being added to the rock structure.

Working on control system.jpg

Working on the control system.

The control system.

First Coral.jpg

The first coral being added.

Filling with RO water.jpg

Filling the tank with RO water.

900 gallon tank at 4 weeks.jpg

Our 900 gallon lobby tank at 4 weeks old.

900 gallon lobby tank at 20 months.jpg

The 900 gallon lobby aquarium at 20 months.

900 gallon tank almost 24 months.jpg

The lobby aquarium at 24 months.

The 900 gallon lobby tank in motion.