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Home Sweet Home                                Bar Gobies live in a colony of green rhodactis mushrooms.180 gal reef tank.

Dental Office   Voorhees N.J




Living Large

A 265 gal reef aquarium adds serenity to a home office.

Private Home   Tabernacle NJ

Feeding Frenzy  

Fish (including a rare black tang) attack a New Era Algae Feeding Ring in a 220 gal reef aquarium.

Office   Cherry Hill NJ

Doctors Orders

A prominent surgeon prescribes himself a 92 gal reef aquarium to help unwind. Also shown: custom fuge filtration.

Private Home   Moorestown NJ

Serenity Now

180 gal reef aquarium has a calming effect on patients.

Dental Office   Voorhees NJ

Large and Incharge

"Bubba" greets customers at Hathaways Diner in Cinnaminson, NJ

Easy Does It

A large naso tang swims gracefully over a massive frogspawn coral head in a 200 custom reef tank

Private Home Philadelphia, Pa

Color In Motion

A rainbow of colorfull fish call this 220 gal reef aquarium home

Office Cherry Hill NJ

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